At Blue Chip our innovative thinking truly has no boundaries; we are focused on what we can achieve tomorrow, as much as what we’re working on today. We're committed to Innovating for education by pushing the boundaries of Information Technology and changing the way the world learn today.

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Knowledge Warranty

How many times you have learned all new things and forget them by course of time again. Its very natural to forget something, especially if you are not in practice for a long time. Same thing happens with computer education also.

As Information Technology is upgrading everyday, so what you learn today, will become outdated within few months.

So, who will assure you about the freshness of your knowledge, when you really need them? As an innovative organization, we have the only answer to this problem. Blue Chip launched “Knowledge Warranty” on 1st Nov 2009, where we provide 18 months warranty on our training service. So that, you will stay confident after the end of your course.

Content Based Education

As opposed to duration base education, Content Based Education methodology ensures the student that the completion of course is not entirely depends on some fixed duration, rather the whole content of the course should get covered. Which we maintain by CPR (Course Progress Report), where our teacher takes student’s signature after completion of each class. That makes our class taking process more transparent.

Online Examination

Our examination is based on CAT (Computerized Adapting Test) methodology which provides grading to our student based on their skill, knowledge and ability. Our unique testing methodology utilize powerful algorithms, scoring procedure, weighting that provides a detail grading to determine

• Necessary Knowledge
• Subject Understanding
• Practical experienced
• Work speed

Course Preview

Blue Chip provides 3 days course preview without taking admission. Now get to know about our services before taking admission.


Multi-tiered Placement Model

Digital Education

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